Jamaica Papa Curvin



His Musical Creation

His Creation Pt.1
His Creation Pt.2

The Interview

Pt.6 About Touring The World,
Travel Between Germany And JA,
And The Real Jamaica Ting
Pt.1 About His Raising, Coming To Music And Playing Instruments
Pt.5 About The Reggae Center
and The Band JPC
Pt.4 About Les Humphrey Singers,
Boney M And The Start Of JPC
Pt.3  About his Musical Work in Germany
And Living in Ddorf, München, Hannover & Hamburg &  The Culture Shock
Pt.2  About His Musical Heros, Rastafari & Coming to Europe First Time

Album Of The Year 2018

Album Presentation - DJ KnÄkke
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Freddie McGregor


Special Pt.1 - Freddie McGregor
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Special Pt.2 - Freddie McGregor
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Special Pt.3 - Freddie McGregor
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Special Pt.4 - Freddie McGregor
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Special Pt.5 - Freddie McGregor
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Lloyd Brown
LB Special Pt.1
Some of the Best 2001 - 2015
LB Special Pt.2
LB Special Pt.3
Sings Some
Lovers Rock Tunes
Sings Some
Reggae Cover

Skankin' Sun
EP Presentation

Mixed By DJ KnÄkke

Interview - CS DJ KnÄkke ls. Skankin' Sun
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